Follow these 3 simple steps to become CTA Compliant with FinCEN

Step 1

Fill out the short form below to start your community profile. You will receive an email with confirmation.

Step 2

Within 2 business days, the Board of Directors will receive an email with a link to our secure portal, where they will input their Beneficial Owner Information (BOI).

Step 3

CTA Review will complete the BOI submission to FinCEN on behalf of the Association, supply the Association with a certificate of compliance, archive the information for efficient updates, and then invoice the Association.

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Your Name
Relationship to Community
The legal name of the Association/Corporation can be found within the Articles of Incorporation of the Association. Please note, the legal name of the corporation may be different from the name of the Community used in the Declarations, CCRs, Bylaws, or other governing documents.  
(No Dashes numbers only)EIN or TIN can be found at the top the Association tax return. If you don’t have the Tax ID at this moment you can continue to complete the Community Profile.  However, the Tax ID will be required prior to filing with FinCEN.
Address of Community (NOT MGMT)
The BOI filing requires a physical address within the Association.  You can use any address within the Association, including clubhouses.  Do not use Management Company address, PO BOX, law firm, accountant or other 3rd party addresses.
Does any owner/entity own or control over 25% of units:
Mark yes if there is a developer, investor or individual/entity that owns more than 25% of units in the community.
Month of the annual meeting where directors and officers are elected.