Our pricing plans are designed to allow unlimited updates to Community and Board Member profiles.

Initial Filing and Compliance Plan


Initial Filings with one year of monitoring and updates.

Includes set up of property profile with CTA Review.

Initial BOI report and Certificate of Compliance.

Unlimited BOI report updates for one year from the date of the initial filing.

Updated BOI CertifUpdated BOI Certificates provided as needed.

Annual Compliance Plan


This plan is for existing clients who wish to continue with CTA Review after the initial filing. New clients must start with the Initial Filing Fee.

Unlimited BOI report updates for one year.

Term will begin upon receipt of paid invoice. Clients who do not elect to be on an Annual Compliance Plan will be responsible for all BOI updates during the period of time they do not have a plan

CTA Review will not release personal/sensitive data to any party, including management companies or other service providers.

Coming soon!

No Update Policy


Clients have the option to opt in or out of the Annual Compliance Plan

For Associations with that have no required BOI Reporting updates, they are not required to pay the annual compliance fee at the end of their initial term.

When an update is required the Client can opt back into an annual compliance plan with no penalty.

CTA Review will not monitor or track any BOI reporting criteria unless a client is part of an Annual Compliance Plan.

No action required

HOAs who have filed independently prior to engaging with CTA review must start with the initial filing and compliance plan.